Space junk around Earth exceeds a critical point

There’s a lot of junk in space including rocket debris and dead satellites. The Air Force uses radar to track 23,000 objects in space. Each of these space junk is larger than your palm. There are also hundreds of thousands of smaller pieces. Including tiny flecks of particles orbiting Earth at 25,000 mph. They could damage any satellite they hit. Including the International Space Station which works with the Air Force and NASA to avoid debris. The situation around Earth is only getting worse day by day. Tiny satellites called CubeSats are growing in popularity nowadays. They are inexpensive to build. Hundreds can be launched at once.


Recently, India sent more than 1000 into orbit. 15,000 more could go up within the next few years. These satellites eventually die, or their mission ends. So, the amount of junk in space will continue to rapidly increase. Just one collision could be disastrous. It could lead to a chain reaction of satellites hitting one another. Creating a thick ring of debris that would make space travel too dangerous. There are currently no plans to bring any of these dead satellites back. Some projects have been proposed – like giant space nets. But so far, no one is volunteering to be intergalactic trash collectors.