How dangerous the ultra-pure water is?

The water we drink which is obtained from the underground resource or the water which we get from purifiers can’t be ultra-pure. If the water we consume is ultra-pure then it could remove the minerals from our body. Today many industries use this ultra-pure water to clean the electronics like semiconductors.

“The semiconductor chips are so small that a speck of dust is like a boulder sitting on the chip. The pure water is used to rinse the chip between the layers.”

– Gary Pitts, GE POWER

Ultra-pure water has been filtered for a large number of times so that it has no minerals or impurities. The water is chemically said to contain two molecules of hydrogen which has the positive charge and one molecule of oxygen which has the negative charge. So this ultra-pure water has a slightly negative charge due to the oxygen molecule. When this ultra-pure water encounters the metals or minerals, it absorbs them due to the negative charge. So it is used in electronics to remove the impurities.

This ultra-pure water is not advisable to drink because it could strip the minerals from our body. Since this ultra-pure water has no minerals it will taste terrible and so the consumable water tastes good due to the presence of minerals in it.